Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wicked Lake Hitting Blu-ray This June

Dread Central has revealed that the 2008 horror flick Wicked Lake will be hitting blu-ray on June 29th. The specs have not been released, but here is a listing of the special features:

-Forking: a short film
-Bring Me the Head of Damien Dekay
-So Anyways: a short film
-More City Bitches: deleted scenes, alternate takes, and bloopers
-We be the Police: a short film
-Theatrical Trailer and more

Also to be included in this set is the director's cut (entitled Wicked, Wicked Lake). The director's cut will be on a separate dvd, while the theatrical cut will be on the blu-ray.

I am a fan of this movie, but not a fan of Media Blasters, who is releasing the movie through their Shriek Show label. I have many of their releases, and while they do a good job on their releases, they have no strategy for releasing their movies. Versus, another of their releases, had a few different release dates for the blu-ray and it has yet to be released. They will announce releases then move them around so many times that sometime the dvd/blu-ray just shows up at the store. This is not good business. I would not be surprised if Wicked Lake gets bumped from its June 29th release.

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