Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Red State to Shoot This July?

Kevin Smith is all over the map when it comes to what he wants to do next. He has been talking up "Hit Somebody" for a long time now, so it came as a shock when he recently revealed that his "horror" movie "Red State" could begin filming as soon as July. I think that Kevin Smith is a talented writer, but when it comes to directing, I think that he is not very good. Just look at "Cop Out". That movie was terrible and since he was the director and the editor he is the only one to blame.

The thing about "Red State" is, he hasn't proven himself as a good director so I don't see this movie being all that great. The writing may be phenomenal, but the direction may be another story. I would say that I have faith in the man, but I don't. He hasn't made a good movie in four years and I don't think that "Red State" is going to change that.

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