Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday's Five Favorite: Horror on blu-ray

A while ago, I posted an article that I had written talking about the lack of horror movies on blu-ray. I did some searching and for this week's "Five Favorite" I thought that I would give you my favorite horror blu-rays.

5. Freddy Vs Jason (2003) Even though this is one of Warner Bros. budget blu-rays (meaning you can find it for under $15 in most places) they didn't skimp when it comes to the quality. The picture and sound are both first rate and they included all the extras from the two-disc from years ago. Warner Bros. showed that it is possible to give a budget title a first rate treatment.

4. Midnight Meat Train (2008) Here we have a movie that Lionsgate shit on by giving it one of their patented crappy releases (this one takes the cake in the crappy release race by being released straight to the bargin theaters), but when the movie was released on Blu-ray it was given the royal treatment. Although the special features are not plentiful, what we did get is worth it, especially the commentary by Clive Barker and the director. No punches all pulled in this commentary. The picture and the sound are both top notch too. A great blu-ray for a mistreated movie.

3. Friday the 13th 3-D (1982) This is one of those movies where taking out the 3-D actually hurts the movie. This is because the movie was shot in 3-D and after years of waiting and countless bootlegs later we finally got Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3-D and it was worth the wait. Sure it's the blue and red 3-D, but now we get every gruesome kill the way it was meant to be seen. Add on top of that some pretty good extras and nice picture and sound and you have a great blu-ray.

2. Hardware (1990) I remember seeing the box for this movie at my local video store when I was younger. Every time I went to the video store I would see it, but I never rented it because the cover didn't catch my eye. A few years later I read about the movie and wanted to see it, but the video store didn't carry it anymore. For fifteen years I read about the movie and even thought about buying it on a bootleg but never did. I am glad that I waited because the Blu-ray that Severin put together is outstanding. The picture is fantastic as is the sound, but the real money is in the special features. They truly round out this incredible package.

1. Night of the Creeps (1986) This is another movie that I waited years and years to see and I was not disappointed. I love Night of the Creeps. It is pure cheese to me and I eat up every moment of it. The Blu-ray for this movie was one of the best and most satisfying blu-rays to come out in 2009. Do yourself a favor and check this movie out. You will not regret it.

There are more horror movies on blu-ray and even more coming, but these are the ones that I like the most.

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