Monday, March 1, 2010

February in Horror

March is upon us, so I thought that I would take a look at the past month and see what we got. This list was created as a way of looking back and at the end of the year, when my top ten of the year comes out I will also pick the best month for horror.
The movies started out decently. We saw the release of a few movies that have proved pretty popular with horror fans.

Zombieland (dvd and blu-ray) I am not a fan of this movie. Nothing in this movie worked for me. The movie, however, was very popular becoming the highest grossing zombie movie of all time.

House of the Devil (dvd and blu-ray) This movie is really good. A throwback to 80's movies and really scary, House of the Devil is the real deal.

Triangle (dvd and blu-ray) I knew nothing about this movie when I got my review copy and will have to say that, although some of the movie works, it left me wanting more.

Frozen (theatrical) I have been a fan of Adam Green's for a while, but I will have to admit that the synopsis for this movie made me laugh. When I saw the movie, however, I was totally immersed. This is a very well made horror/thriller.

The Stepfather (dvd and blu-ray) This remake of the 1987 cult movie of the same name, hits a lot of the same notes as the first one but doesn't do anything that really hold your attention.

The Wolfman (theatrical) After a slow beginning, The Wolfman really takes off and becomes a fairly faithful remake. Kudos go to the filmmakers for not trying to update the movie and keeping it bloody and gothic.

Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (dvd) This is such a missed opportunity. They had a great lead in movie and they blew it. The premise alone could've made this movie work, if it not for the messy script that focuses on all the wrong things.

Cabin Fever (blu-ray) This is the first time that Eli Roth's director's cut has been available and it makes the movie better. A lot of little things that didn't make sense in the theatrical cut now make sense. The blu-ray is very good.

Dante's Inferno (dvd and blu-ray) Having no knowledge of the game that this movie is based on, I went into this movie hoping for the best and came out surprised. While there are some things that don't work- I am getting tired of this "told by multiple directors" thing- I was impressed and really enjoyed myself.

The Crazies (1973) (blu-ray) I have not seen this movie in years and still haven't, as the blu-ray did not work in my player. I have read reports about other people having trouble, but I am disappointed that I am not able to watch this before the remake comes out.

The Box (dvd and blu-ray) It seems that the end of February is the time to release all the crap movies and The Box is one of them. This movie doesn't work and I can not really tell you why it was even made in the first place.

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (dvd and blu-ray) Another in the load of crap was released at the end of February, this is one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time. The performances are terrible, the direction lazy, and the writing is beyond bad. Stay far away from this movie.

Dead Snow (dvd and blu-ray) I have had many opportunities to watch this movie, but I have not. I really want to watch this movie but have not found the motivation to do so.

Sorority Row (dvd and blu-ray) If there was ever a movie that described the word "blah" this is it. There is nothing remarkable about this movie. If you have nothing else to watch then give it a shot, but if you do find something else then don't waste your time.

Crazies, The (2010) ( theatrical)
While improving on some of the things that were wrong in the original, this remake shoots for the lowest common denominator by focusing on fast paced editing. I would have rather had the movie be a little slower.

Well that's it for February. We had a pretty good month in horror. Check back next month to see how March turns out.

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