Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wednsday's Worst Five: Acclaimed Movies

This week's Worst Five is all about acclaimed movies. These are movies that everybody loves, but I can't stand. There are various reasons why I hate these movies.

5. Paranormal Activity (2009) This movie was all the rage last year and there is no reason that it shouldn't have been. People like to be scared and Paranormal Activity delivered the goods. I, however, had a hard time believing that the characters would have acted the way they do and done some of the things they did. I did not give it a positive review because of these things. There are scary parts to this movie, but they are held together with nothing.

4. My Bloody Valentine (1981) I still can not firgure out why I don't like this movie. It may be that they gave the killer a name and a face. It also may be the fact that I find this movie really boring. Some of the kills are cool, but not enough to sustain my interest.

3. Cabin Fever (2002) Cabin Fever is a cult classic, but to me it plays like a highlights reel. There is something inherantly scary about a skin disease, but not here. Because the movie takes place in a small town the threat feels contained. Eli Roth is a good director, but he needs to find a different gimmick.

2. Street Trash (1987) Why do people like this movie? Sure, it has some pretty good effects work, but the movie plays out like it condones rape. I mean, there are a lot of scenes of rape in this movie and yet people like it. I think that, aside from the rapes, this is a poorly written and directed movie. There is no reason for this movie to even exist.

1. Dog Soldiers (2002) I hate Dog Soldiers. This is one of the most mind numbing movies to watch. I have met Neil Marshall and he seems like a nice guy, but his movies suck. Other than The Descent, he has not made a movie that I thought was even remotely entertaining, but Dog Soldiers takes the cake. The few good scenes in this movie don't add up to anything that is scary or entertaining.

Another week, another list down. Check back again next for another thrilling installment of Worst Five.

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  1. Good choices, actually. It's very brave of you to admit to not liking some movies others think are awesome. Here's ones I would choose:
    5. Paranormal Activity.
    4. Mothman Prophecy
    3. The Others
    2. The Blair Witch Project
    1. The Village