Friday, April 23, 2010

Random Notes

-Since Machete has gotten a release date (Sept. 3rd) and Hobo With a Shotgun is going into production, do you think that we will see the other Grindhouse trailers get turned into movies? I would like to see Thanksgiving, but I don't think the other two will work.

-So the screening of the Nightbreed workprint recently has gotten almost no coverage other than Fangoria talking about it. Why is there no reaction? I have searched and the only thing I found was the Fangoria piece. I want to know what people thought about it.

-Shutter Island has been announced for dvd and blu-ray release on 6/8. Like what Paramount did with the recently released The Lovely Bones, the dvd will have no special features, while the blu-ray will have two documentaries. This seems like the studios are giving dvd buyers the shaft when it comes to special features.

-Speaking of The Lovely Bones, if you have a blu-ray player you should pick this title up. The picture is flawless and the documentary on disc 2 is one of the best I have seen.

-So there are been scenes put up on the net for Human Centipede and I just have to say that I am more curious with every story that comes along about this movie.

-Troma has quietly pushed back the blu-ray releases of Tromeo & Juliet and Dark Nature. This is the second time that Tromeo & Juliet has been pushed back. Now Troma has four blu-ray releases set for May 25th: Tromeo & Juliet, Surf Nazis Must Die, Class of Nuke 'em High, and Dark Nature. Hopefully Troma has pushed these titles back to ensure that the quality is excellent, but they seem to be having a hard time getting their second blu-ray release out. Only time will tell.

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