Monday, February 1, 2010

Horror in January

January 2010 saw the releases of quite a few horror movies, but almost none of them was really worth it. To me, it seems that 2010 has gotten off to a stutter of a start.

January, like September, has always been a dumping ground for movies, not just horror movies. The movies that the studios don't have any faith in get dumped into these months. Horror movies actually benefit from this, as there is almost no competition. Sometimes this works, as in the cases of Daybreakers and Legion, but sometimes it backfires, as in the case of Sorority Row.

This also has something to do with marketing. Daybreakers and Legion had great marketing, offering the viewer something different. Sorority Row's marketing couldn't get past the fact that the movie was a slasher movie. If they had done some thinking then maybe Sorority Row would have had a chance at the box office.

But it really isn't all about the box office. For every horror fan it is all about how good the movie is. So let's take a look at January and see what we were given.

The Final Destination (DVD/blu-ray)
I am still trying to wrap my head around why a lot of people actually thought that this was a good movie. I know that the 3-D is really well done, but the movie is crap. I guess people just like the 3-D and don't care about the movie.

Halloween II (DVD/blu-ray)
The theatrical version of this movie was total mess, but thanks to DVD and blu-ray we can finally see what Rob Zombie was really trying to do.

Daybreakers (Theatrical)
From the directors of Undead comes this movie where vampires make up most of the earth population. Very moody and well shot, this movie is just ok. Could have been better.

Blood Creek (DVD)
This movie was dumped into one theater in Kentucky, where no one went to see it. The movie is a tad weird, but who am I to complain when there are killer horses.

Pandorum (DVD/blu-ray)
Think Event Horizon mixed with an action movie and you get picture. If you don't know Event Horizon then you need to go rent it right now.

Legion (Theatrical)
This movie has really good special effects, but the overall movie is not very good.

Saw VI (DVD/blu-ray)
This movie is so much better than Saw V, but it still doesn't come close to being a good movie.

This is just a sampling of what January had to offer us. Check back next month when I give you an overview
 of what we got.

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