Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Seven Coming to Blu-ray This Fall

John Doe is coming to invade your house this September.

Warner Bros and New Line has announced Se7en for release on blu-ray on September 14th, 2010. The movie will be released as a "digibook", with trivia, photos, and more. Below are the special features.

-Four audio commentary tracks:
    -Stars commentary, with director David Fincher and actors Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman
   -Story commentary, with Fincher, author Richard Dyer, screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker, editor  
    Richard Francis-Bruce and New Line president of production Michael De Luca
   -Picture commentary, with Fincher, director of photography Darius Khondji, production designer Arthur
    Max, editor Richard Francis-Bruce and author Richard Dyer
   -Sound commentary, with Fincher, sound designer Ren Klyce, composer Howard Shore and author 
    Richard Dyer
-Additional/extended scenes
-Alternate endings
-Exploration of the opening title sequence from multiple video angles with various audio mixes and two commentary tracks
-Production design and still photographs with commentaries
-The Notebooks: Full motion video details "John Doe´s" writings
-Theatrical trailer

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